Our Solutions

Customer Master

Build most accurate, up-to-date, and a 360 degree view of your customer (both B2B and B2C) information from all internal and external sources.


Contact Master

Build most accurate, up-to-date, and360 degree view of contact information from all internal and external sources


Product Master

Build most accurate, up-to-date, and 360 degree view of product information from all internal and external sources.


Vendor Master

Build most accurate, up-to-date, and 360 degree view of Vendor information from all internal and external sources.


MDM benefits

Cloud or On-Premise

Synapzen Master Data Hub can be deployed easily on Cloud platform or on-premise. Cloud option provides significant cost savings, quick deployment and scalability. On-premise offers greater control and leverages existing investments.

Multi-Domain Master Data Hub

With Synapzen MDM hub your company can manage all types of entities in one platform, such as, Customers, Contacts, Products, Vendors, Employees etc… Our data model flexibility allows for entities, attributes, relationships management relevant to your particular Industry and business needs.

Integrated Platform

Synapzen MDM hub provides integrated and holistic solution with capabilities such as data standardization, enrichment, de-duplication, consolidation, resolution and rule based data governance. This eliminates need of client purchasingadditional third party software, simplifying the solution while reducing cost & time.

Integrate with or Migrate with Cloud Apps

May organizations are currently not able to deploy cloud applications due to integration and migration concerns from legacy environment. Synapzen solution ensures smooth integration with or migration to such systems and without much disruption to existing business processes. With Synapzen MDM hub, you can easily go from pilot to full deployments of cloud applications, significantly reducing risk associated with Integration and Migration.

Implementation & Data Stewardship Service

Synapzen provides full service from setup, configuration, operations and outsourced data stewardship services, considerably reducing risk, cost & time. Ongoing data governance is key component of long term success of MDM deployment..

Welcome at synapzen

SynapZen was started by Team of Data Management experts in 2013 after working with multiple clients over last 15+ years and successfully delivering Master Data Solutions in multiple industry verticals. Master Data Management solutions enable companies to become agile, collaborative and efficient by centralizing & consolidating key business data. SynapZen was born out of experience faced by many organizations trying to obtain better efficiencies but struggling due to information stored in multiple silo systems. .

Verticals & Industries that use Master Data Management (MDM)

SynapZen Master Data Management hub (MDM) provides industry-specific template and expertise to solve some of the key challenges faced within that vertical.

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